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New Year, New Challenges

by John Whitehouse on 30 December, 2007

As 2007 comes to an end, it’s a good time to reflect on the past year and to look forward to the challenges of the next one.

It was a busy but rewarding year for me personally as a county councillor. The highlight has to be chairing the Kenilworth Connect2 Steering Group, and running an active and successful campaign to get local people behind the Sustrans-backed bid for a £50 million prize from the Big Lottery Fund. The elation on 12th December, when we heard we had won, was a wonderful feeling! The task in 2008 is now to push forward with implementing the local scheme as quickly as possible.

Other campaigns I am involved with include the fight for a pelican crossing in Beehive Hill, Kenilworth, in particular to provide a safe route to school for pupils attending St. Augustine’s School. Together with the parents’ action group we have petitioned the County Council, and look forward to a positive response in the New Year.

I am also working to get the Safer Routes to School scheme implemented in Burton Green early in 2008, and to conclude the Village Speed Review there also.

At a national level, I am very excited about the election of Nick Clegg as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. As it happened I voted for him, but like many other party members found it very hard to choose between two excellent candidates. I have heard Nick speak on several occasions, and each time was impressed by his clarity and sincerity. As the electorate at large gets to know him better, I am convinced that both he and the party will prosper.

Unless a by-election happens we have no elections locally in 2008, and probably no General Election either, although no doubt I shall be helping colleagues in other parts of Kenilworth and Southam constituency who have local elections in May.

Overall I look forward to an exciting and eventful 2008!

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