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Warwick Area Committee

by John Whitehouse on 23 January, 2008

The Warwick Area Committee is made up of all the county councillors whose electoral divisions fall within Warwick district, and its role is to give a more local focus to┬ácertain aspects of county council decision-making – including local transport issues, maintenance and safety engineering.

Last night’s meeting was very long (nearly 4 hours), preceded by a seminar, but partly this is a problem of success – public awareness of and attendance at Area Committees is greater than any other aspect of the county council’s activities.

I was pleased to win support for two street lighting improvement projects within Kenilworth Abbey division – in The Blundells and in Henry Street. I also presented a residents’ petition in support of a pelican crossing in Beehive Hill, to support further the St. Augustine’s school parents’ petition presented at the last meeting. Officers are reluctant at the moment to accept the case for this crossing, but I am determined to win this battle on behalf of the school and the local community.

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