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Budget Day Surprises!

by John Whitehouse on 5 February, 2008

Well, the County Council has today agreedĀ its budget for 2008/09, but not without a few surprises along the way!

For reasons only known to themselves, the Labour group chose not to release its proposals until 25 minutes before the start of the budget debate! This forced an unnecessary first adjournment to give time to take in the details. However, it was soon clear that Labour did not intend to compromise with anyone, so the rest of the day was spent with the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives hammering out a revised budget that both parties were willing to support – with Labour voting against.

Next year’s council tax increase will be 3.9%, but more importantly the Liberal Democrats succeeded in getting every single one of our budget proposals into the final agreement, albeit with some adjustments to amounts allocated in some cases.

An excellent day for the Lib Dem group, who demonstrated that we know how to play grown-up politics in a “hung council” situation even if Labour don’t!

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