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Connecting Kenilworth Castle With The Town

by John Whitehouse on 9 February, 2008

Kenilworth Castle

One of the key objectives of the Kenilworth Town Centre Partnership is to improve the pedestrian links between the castle and the town centre. Kenilworth Castle is a major tourist attraction, with visitor numbers likely to grow this year as the wonderful Elizabethan garden project nears completion. We want to encourage visitors to the castle to also visit the town, its shops, restaurants and other facilities.

Yesterday I met with two county officers at the castle to explore all the possible options for better pedestrian access, and in particular how to cross the busy Castle Road. It’s not easy, otherwise it would have been done a long time ago! However, we’re working closely with English Heritage on this, and I’m hopeful that between us we can come up with an acceptable and affordable solution.

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