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Kenilworth Station

by John Whitehouse on 4 April, 2008

Fantastic news today! The County Council announced that it had reached agreement with Arriva CrossCountry, the new train operator of rail services thorugh the town, to  become partners in the development of a business case for a station in Kenilworth.

The Liberal Democrats have always been strong advocates of a station for Kenilworth, right back since the early 1970’s when my predecessor Haydn Thomas first started raising the issue at council. The local Conservatives have been rather lukewarm on this issue in the past, but more recently have supported the case also. The people of Kenilworth, when asked, have always come out strongly in favour – as we found in 2006, when the Lib Dems raised a 521-signature petitition to send to the Department of Transport (DfT). This petition was specifically mentioned in the documentation subsequently sent out by the DfT to potential train operators, and I would like to think helped contribute to today’s good news.

The outline business case produced by the county council in 2006 showed a good potential return, and I am confident that the detailed work now starting will confirm and strengthen the argument. I shall certainly carry on doing everything I can to support the scheme going forward.

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