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London Mayoral Elections

by John Whitehouse on 3 May, 2008

Having lived for some years in London, and with family down there, I took great interest in this year’s London mayoral elections.

I’m really sorry that Boris won, and I’m sure Londoners will regret it eventually. However, what was really interesting in the results last night was the way the second preference votes worked out. Boris had the mostĀ first preferences of course – that was to be expected – but there more were more than enough second preference votes availableĀ to have defeated him if Ken Livingstone had been successful in his “Stop Boris” strategy.

In the event the second preferences split pretty evenly between the two of them, and so Boris won. If we assume that most of the Greens followed their leader’s advice to give Ken their second preference, and most BNP went for Boris, then the great majority of Lib Dems in London didn’t go for either of them!

Perhaps, collectively, London Lib Dems came up with the perfect strategy to unmask the “new” Tory party. Give them something real to run, and see what a mess they make of it!

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