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Personal Information Held By Government

by John Whitehouse on 3 July, 2008

In my role as vice-chair of the Children’s, Young People & Families Overview & Scrutiny Committee, I presented the committee’s recommendations to the County Council’s meeting today. The Cabinet approved the recommendations unamended.

The issue of personal data security has become a critical one over the past year, following a number of well-publicised losses of data by both central and local government. It is essential that the county council ensures that its own processes and safeguards are as tight as they can be, and the Portfolio Holder promised that our recommendations would be fed into a review team that was already working on this.

There was wide support for our recommendation to challenge the need for central government to collect data on children, young peopleĀ and families that is not anonymous. If the requirement is only for statistical analysis there is no justification for this.

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