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The Incinerator Debate

by John Whitehouse on 14 October, 2008

I took part today in a special Environment Scrutiny meeting today, reviewing proposals for Warwickshire CC to join Coventry CC and Solihull BC in the development of a major new “Energy from Waste” plant to replace the current Coventry residual waste incinerator. The decision as to whether to proceed with an application for goverment PFI funding for the project will be taken by the WCC Cabinet on Thursday and the Full Council next week.

The meeting, which I pushed for, was held in public, and with inputs from members of the public as well as officers and supporting consultants.

The outcome of the meeting was a unanimous recommendation to increase the underlying recycling and composting assumptions behind the plan, which should reduce the required size of any future residual waste facility. It’s up to the Cabinet and Full Council now to decide whether or not to accept this recommendation.

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