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County Council Budget 2009/10

by John Whitehouse on 18 December, 2008

Today at the County Council we scrutinised the senior officers’ and Conservative Cabinet’s budget proposals for 2009/10. This is just one more stage in an ongoing process that will culminate in the setting of a budget next February. Because Warwickshire is a “hung” council with no overall control for any one political party, final agreement on a budget depends on the support of at least two of the political groups on the council.

This year’s budget decisions will be much tougher than usual. The financial settlement from central government takes little or no heed of the real cost pressures facing local government (energy bills, an ageing population, increased demand on children’s services etc). Also 2009 is an election year for county councils, so cross-party agreements may be much more difficult to achieve. As ever the Liberal Democrats will seek to act as a responsible opposition, promoting our clear and consistent priorities for local services in line with our manifesto commitments.

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