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Connect2 Kenilworth – Are Local Tories Against It Or Not?

by John Whitehouse on 1 February, 2009


Over the past few weeks the local Sustrans Connect2 scheme has been ‘sniped at’ in the local press by Kenilworth Conservative town councillors, although they won’t come clean as to whether they want to oppose the scheme outright or not.

 As chairman of the local Connect2 Steering Group, I have been defending the scheme vigorously in the local media, as have other non-councillor members of the Steering Group. The accusations of failure to communicate or consult properly with local residents and councillors are a nonsense, but so far numerous attempts to set the record straight have failed the stop the weekly drip of “concerns” in the local press.

One is left with the clear feeling that the Tories want to play politics with this issue in the run-up to the County Council elections on the 3rd June. What I say is – let them try! The level of local support for the Connect2 scheme was and remains high, I have no doubt of that.

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