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Children & Young People Overview & Scrutiny Committee

by John Whitehouse on 2 April, 2009


Yesterday we held the last meeting of the County Council’s Children & Young People Overview & Scrutiny Committee before the elections on the 4th June. I have been a member of the Committee for the last 4 years, the Lib Dem spokesperson for the last 3, and the vice-chairman of the Committee for the last 2 years.

As always it was a full and interesting meeting, with an agenda ranging over a wide range of important issues – future Early Years funding (of nurseries, nursery classes and private/voluntary providers); inclusion strategy (how to keep “problem” children in schol and reduce exclusions);┬áthe anti-bulling strategy; child poverty; demand for school meals.

I have greatly enjoyed this aspect of my work as a county councillor, and if re-elected on the 4th June would hope to be able to continue in my current role. The Committee is unusual in that includes not only councillors but also school representatives, so that the knowledge of subject matter is good and the quality of debate usually high.

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