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Gas Alliance Works in Kenilworth – Continued!

by John Whitehouse on 2 April, 2009

As all residents will have realised by now, the major programme of works in Kenilworth by the Gas Alliance was not completed by the end of March as originally planned! There are still lots of unfilled holes across the town, and the traffic disruption caused by the traffic light controls at Abbey Hill has been horrendous. Although I recognise that unforeseen delays can always occur with this sort of work, the whole programme has been badly handled by the contractors.

On Tuesday I and other local councillors met senior Gas Alliance managers, who accepted fully the problems that the town has suffered and committed to put things right as soon as possible. A new manager will take over the Kenilworth project from next week, and I and a few others will work with him to thrash out a programme to complete the current works as soon as possible, and then to come back in the quieter period of the summer holidays to tackle the rest of the original project.

We also were given preliminary details of another major project to replace the gas mains between Leamington and Kenilworth, which is already in progress at the Leamington end and will impact on the southern end of our town later in the year. At least we’re being given advance warning this time! Watch this space …..

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