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Four More Years!

by John Whitehouse on 7 June, 2009

On Thursday I managed to hold my county seat by the massive majority of 15 votes!! I’d hoped for a bit more breathing room after winning by 56 votes four years ago, but it wasn’t to be. Kenilworth Abbey has always been like this ….

Anyway, I’m extremely grateful to everyone who voted for me, and I look forward to an interesting four more years on what will be a very different County Council. The Conservatives now have overall control with 39 of the 62 seats, and two net Liberal Democrat gains put us on 12 seats ahead of Labour’s 10 – so we are now the official opposition.

The new Lib Dem county group has an initial meeting tomorrow, and then the first full council meeting on 23rd June will establish the shape and structure of the new council. Will the Tories rejig the committees, and will they grab all the chair positions? We’ll have to wait and see …..

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