John Whitehouse

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I Will Fight to Stop the Kenilworth Fire Station Closure Plan

by John Whitehouse on 9 October, 2009

As the county councillor representing the area in which Kenilworth Fire Station is situated, I have studied the Improvement Plan proposals very carefully and have asked a lot of searching questions.

I am not persuaded by the Plan. I think it is wrong for the Fire & Rescue Service, and wrong for the people of Kenilworth. I strongly support our retained firefighters, who provide a wonderful service to the community in a cost-effective way.

I cannot accept that fire appliances coming from Leamington can guarantee a 10 minute response standard for the whole of Kenilworth in all traffic conditions. This plan will therefore risk lives and properties in Kenilworth.

The final decisions will rest with the County Cabinet members, but I shall do everything in my power to get them to change their minds.

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