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Project Transform

by John Whitehouse on 4 June, 2010

In March a combination of Conservative and Labour councillors on Warwickshire County Council voted down my motion calling for an immediate halt to Project Transform, the joint project with Coventry and Solihull to build a replacement for the Coventry incinerator by 2016.

However, the recent local election results in Coventry and Solihull have changed the political balance for the project, with the Conservatives losing control of both councils. 

I’m encouraged by public statements from the new Labour leader of Coventry City Council, which suggest that he is looking again critically at this project. I am also very hopeful that the new Liberal Democrat-Labour coalition in Solihull will want to do the same.

With future housing projections all under review again, and with recycling rates continuing to grow strongly, it would be crazy for the three councils to continue with this project now. The writing has been on the wall for months, but others wouldn’t accept it then. Perhaps they will now.

 The Project Transform Members Advisory Panel, made up of three members from each of the three local authorities involved, will hold its next meeting in Solihull next Monday 7th June. 

Although this meeting is not where final decisions will be made, I hope it will send a clear signal that the project needs to be scrapped in its current form, and soon. It’s costing the three authorities £25,000 a week, so every further week of delay is more money wasted.

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