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Project Transform – My part in its downfall

by John Whitehouse on 3 October, 2010


A cause for celebration this week! Both Coventry and Solihull councils have decided to pull out of Project Transform, the joint project with Warwickshire to build a new giant incinerator. This kills the PFI project, and forces Warwickshire to go back to the drawing board.

I have long argued that the project was fundamentally flawed, that it would be too big and too expensive, and that cleaner technologies should have been used. Warwickshire now need to develop a “Plan B” waste strategy, with much greater focus on pushing recycling rates up towards 70% and getting residual waste down to the irreducible minimum.

It was disappointing that I could never get Warwickshire to take its own decision to pull out of Project Transform, but with both Tory and Labour members voting against me there was no chance. However, I claim my part in raising the political temperature over the project, so that in the end both the other parties on Coventry council were falling over each other to oppose it.

What cannot be undone is the £2 million of public money spent on the project, most of it wasted. Will anyone be held accountable for this?

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