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‘New Tenant for Kenilworth Building’ – A Good News Story?

by John Whitehouse on 20 July, 2012

  Warwickshire County Council has issued a “good news story” press release today, welcoming a new tenant into its building at 129-131 Warwick Road, Kenilworth.

The outcome is very good news, for both the county council and for Kenilworth. A valued local employer, Proserve Ltd, with an urgent need for extra space to meet an increased order book, has been able to stay in the town rather than look for premises elsewhere.

However, until last week the council was intent on demolishing the building immediately, at an estimated cost of £100,000, and leaving the site vacant for possibly many years until required as part of a future Kenilworth station project.

I’ve been asking questions about the proposed demolition since the end of April, including formally at the last two Full Council meetings, most recently on 10th July.

It is now clear that no sustained effort was made by the Council to find a suitable short-term tenant for this building. Luckily the new tenant approached the Council a few weeks ago, probably as a result of all the adverse publicity in the local press.

There is a severe shortage of premises for light industrial use in Kenilworth. Yet until this fell into their laps, the Council was all set to pull the building down.

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