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Town councillors get ‘lit up’ over Abbey Fields lighting

by John Whitehouse on 18 November, 2012

Kenilworth town councillors were asked their views this week, as to whether the lights in Abbey Fields (on the path from Bridge Street to the swimming pool) should stay on all night after 1st December – when the great majority of the town’s streetlights start being switched off at midnight to save money and energy.

Now, most sensible people might think that this question was a no-brainer. After midnight these lights are on a “path to nowhere”. How can it make sense to leave them blazing all night?

Well, with the honourable exception of my two Lib Dem colleagues, this logic cut no ice with town councillors! Not only did they vote to leave the lights on all night, but they also want yet more lights installed in the Abbey Fields, all the way up the hill to the War Memorial! Have they taken leave of their senses?

Thankfully this is not a decision for the Town Council. It’s up to the County Council to decide. I look forward to confirmation that it will do the right thing!

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