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Street lights switch off – confusion reigns!

by John Whitehouse on 28 December, 2012

street lights at night

Having ignored the Lib Dems’ sensible advice to delay the start of the new street lights switch off regime until a less sensitive time of the year, WCC Tories are in disarray as they try to respond to events and public pressure. Policy changes are being made “on the hoof”, and press announcements being put out only to be contradicted hours later. They’re trying to claim credit for responding speedily to public concerns now, but I call it a shambles!

The latest example is a decision to put back the switch-off time period to 1.00 – 6.30 am, hailed as a triumph by Kenilworth Tories in today’s local press. Yet on the WCC web site it makes it clear that this change is only for the holiday period, with the switch-off period planned to revert to midnight – 5.30 am from 2nd January!

With the rest of the county due to follow the Warwick District pilot early in 2013, it’s important that the new policy is sorted out quickly, without this chopping and changing every week it seems. I shall be chairing a meeting of the WCC Communities Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday 15th January, and the Cabinet member and officers can expect a lot of searching questions!

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