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20’s plenty!

by John Whitehouse on 2 January, 2013

20 mph speed limit sign






I was very pleased to see this article in the Independent today:

Support for appropriate use of 20 mph speed limits is growing rapidly across the country. Sadly here in Warwickshire the ruling Conservative administration continues to drag its collective feet. Warwickshire Liberal Democrats have campaigned consistently on this issue, and will continue to do so.



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  1. Chris says:

    Have you any reason for saying this at all? Remember a speed limit is a total ban with punishments, not ‘sending a signal’. There is nowhere where it is appropriate to ban driving over 20mph at all times.

    • Note my use of the word “appropriate”. An increasing number of town/city centres are using 20 mph limits to enable much safer integration of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. The NICE guidance to authorities is to do everything possible to encourage more people to walk or cycle in urban areas, and 20 mph limits are one measure among others to be considered.

      There is also a special case for considering 20 mph zones in the vicinity of schools, either or an advisory or statutory basis. There are examples of both in other parts of the country. I want Warwickshire to take the issue much more seriously.

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