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Kenilworth Abbey candidates on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio today

by John Whitehouse on 30 April, 2013

hs2I was one of four candidates for Kenilworth Abbey Division interviewed on BBC CWR today. The fifth candidate, the Green, was absent. The interviews took place in Burton Green, at exactly the place where the planned HS2 route will bisect the village if it ever goes ahead.

As the county councillor for the last eight years, I explained how I had been fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Burton Green community for the last three years to stop HS2 if we could, or to gain the best possible mitigation measures and compensation if the government presses on with building it. Although I’m a big fan of railways, I believe that HS2 is fundamentally the wrong project for the UK – no business case, no environmental case, no sttrategic case, and no money to pay for it! However, I’m realistic enough to recognise that the only place the project can be stopped is in Parliament. Similarly, the only way that Burton Green will gain the mitigation measure it deserves and needs, i.e. a deep bore tunnel under the village, will be from a political decision by ministers, and I’m still lobbying hard to achieve this.

The pre-recorded interviews can be heard via Listen Again on the BBC CWR web site, starting at 25 mins through the 3 hour programme.

Subsequently, BBC CWR rang me up later in the morning to do a live interview as part of the same programme , giving a local Liberal Democrat response to the UKIP “nazi salute” story that had broken in today’s Daily Mirror. This piece is also on, starting at 2 hrs 36 mins through the programme.

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