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Can we have OUR £6.9 billion as well please?

by John Whitehouse on 24 September, 2013

An interesting calculation in today’s Financial Times, that the costs of HS2 now work out at £160 million per mile.

Warwickshire would get 43 miles of HS2 track – 32 miles in Phase 1 and 11 miles in Phase 2. That works out at a total cost of £6.9 billion for the Warwickshire sections of the route.

As a county, we would get zero benefit from HS2 – no intermediate station between London and Birmingham and reductions in existing direct services to London, while incurring many years of disruption and major upheaval for our residents.

So, if the government is willing to spend this sort of money pushing an unwanted railway line through the middle of our county, it’s only fair to ask – Can we have OUR £6.9 billion as well, please? Just think how many new  roads, cycle routes, schools and other community facilities we could build with that sort of money! How about it, Mr Osborne – or Mr Balls?

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