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Green Bins Spotted in Burton Green!

by John Whitehouse on 12 February, 2008

Spotted in Burton Green during my ‘Focus’ delivery round today – lots of brand new green bins being delivered to householders ahead of the new recycling service which commences in April. This helps to address a long standing grievance of Burton Green residents, that they were left out when the original green bin scheme was […]

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by John Whitehouse on 7 February, 2008

Although Warwickshire didn’t suffer as badly as our neighbours Gloucestershire in last Summer’s catastrophic floods, we had it pretty bad in parts of the county. Since then, a lot of effort has gone into analying what happened and why, what measures should be taken to prevent or mitigate flooding, and how the various agencies involved […]

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KICC – Kenilworth Initiative on Climate Change

by John Whitehouse on 4 February, 2008

The local Steering Group, set up as a result of a public meeting last month, held its first meeting this evening, to discuss the wide range of issues raised during that meeting and to start to formulate a local action plan. We agreed on a snappy name – KICC – and some immediate tasks to […]

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by John Whitehouse on 4 February, 2008

One of my personal highlights last year was the opportunity to lead the¬†Kenilworth Connect2 Steering Group, as we campaigned locally for public support and helped Sustrans Connect2 win an amazing ¬£50 million prize from the Big Lottery Fund. The result was announced just before Christmas. Today I met with Stuart Ikeringill (the county officer who […]

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Green Transport Plan

by John Whitehouse on 25 January, 2008

At yesterday’s Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee we reviewed progress made by Warwickshire County Council against its own Green Transport Plan originally produced in 1999 and updated in 2004. The report made sorry reading! Lots of good intentions, but no real shift in the travel behaviour of council staff. Much ‘harder’ measures need to be […]

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Kenilworth and Climate Change

by John Whitehouse on 22 January, 2008

Last night I was at a very well-attended public meeting called by the town mayor, fellow Liberal Democrat Cllr. Pat Ryan, on the subject of Climate Change and what we as a local community could do to address it. The main speaker was George Martin, a local resident, but also an expert on sustainable development […]

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