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At last night’s meeting of the Warwick Area Committee, we saw the strange spectacle of all but one of the Conservative councillors voting for an amendment which would have directly contravened the County Council’s speed limit policies, which were re-stated and re-confirmed by the ruling Conservative Cabinet only last year. Even a Cabinet member supported […]

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County Council Budget 2009/10

by John Whitehouse on 18 December, 2008

Today at the County Council we scrutinised the senior officers’ and Conservative Cabinet’s budget proposals for 2009/10. This is just one more stage in an ongoing process that will culminate in the setting of a budget next February. Because Warwickshire is a “hung” council with no overall control for any one political party, final agreement […]

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County Tories in Disarray – Again!

by John Whitehouse on 3 July, 2008

The saga of the review of secondary education in Nuneaton & Bedworth took another unexpected turn at today’s meeting of the Conservative Cabinet of the county council. After eight months of review, debate and consultation, the Cabinet had been presented with detailed proposals to renew and redevelop secondary school provision in Nuneaton & Bedworth district. The […]

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County Tories in Disarray

by John Whitehouse on 25 May, 2008

This week’s meeting of the County Council Cabinet showed the ruling Conservative group in total disarray. First they rejected their own proposals  for restructuring and reorganising the management of Youth & Community Service premises across the county. The Lib Dem group had already made it clear we would “call in” the decision for scrutiny review if […]

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Sort It!

by John Whitehouse on 20 May, 2008

Yesterday I fell foul of the “Sort It” rules governing the new recycling and waste collection rules imposed by Tory-controlled Warwick District Council! I put out my green (garden waste) bin for collection, together with another bag of garden waste – something that previously I had done many times before. But no, under the new rules […]

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Care & Choice Accommodation for Older People

by John Whitehouse on 16 May, 2008

Caring for older people is one of the top priorities for local councils, as the demographic changes (increasing average age of population, increasing percentages of older people with dementia etc) put massive demands on resources and current facilities. I attended a seminar on this subject yesterday, which set out the County Council’s strategy which is due […]

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Where Will All The Houses Go?

by John Whitehouse on 14 May, 2008

Tomorrow Warwick District Council launches a major public consultation on the “Core Strategy” element of its Local Development Framework, which will set the broad framework of planning policies that will shape developments in the District up to 2026. Within the context of the Government’s agenda of building 3 million more houses over the next 20 […]

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County Cabinet Changes

by John Whitehouse on 14 May, 2008

At the Annual Meeting of the County Council yesterday, the Conservative leader announced a number of changes to his Cabinet, to serve for the next year and until the county elections in May 2009. The most striking change was the removal of a Cabinet member specifically for Schools, with these responsibilities now being subsumed entirely […]

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Smalley Place, Kenilworth

by John Whitehouse on 10 May, 2008

  The local press ran a lead story a week ago quoting Cllr. Norman Vincett, the leader of the Conservative-controlled town council, saying that plans for a  “showpiece” civic centre at Smalley Place in Kenilworth were in trouble. This was confirmed at the Town Assembly on Thursday evening, when Cllr. Vincett admitted that current plans were […]

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Winning Is A Great Feeling!

by John Whitehouse on 3 May, 2008

I spent most of Thursday over in Harbury, helping Liberal Democrat Bev Mann in her campaign to unseat the Conservative incumbent in the Stratford District Council elections. Bev is fairly new to the Lib Dems, but very well known locally after six years as a parish councillor, and coming from a long-established local family. The […]

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