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Save Our (High Street) Post Office!

by John Whitehouse on 16 February, 2008

Yesterday I took part in a large demonstration of support for the High Street Post Office in Kenilworth, which is potentially threatened with closure. My Lib Dem councillor colleagues Ann Blacklock and Pat Ryan were there as well, plus the local (Tory) M.P. and over 100 local residents. There was good press and local TV […]

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Connecting Kenilworth Castle With The Town

by John Whitehouse on 9 February, 2008

One of the key objectives of the Kenilworth Town Centre Partnership is to improve the pedestrian links between the castle and the town centre. Kenilworth Castle is a major tourist attraction, with visitor numbers likely to grow this year as the wonderful Elizabethan garden project nears completion. We want to encourage visitors to the castle […]

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Beehive Hill Crossing Campaign

by John Whitehouse on 8 February, 2008

Yesterday brought new developments in the campaign to win a pelican crossing on Beehive Hill, Kenilworth on behalf of pupils and parents of St. Augustine’s School and Beehive Nursery and local residents. I arranged a meeting between county officers and representatives of the School Crossing Action Group,¬†with the opportunity for the officers to witness at […]

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KICC – Kenilworth Initiative on Climate Change

by John Whitehouse on 4 February, 2008

The local Steering Group, set up as a result of a public meeting last month, held its first meeting this evening, to discuss the wide range of issues raised during that meeting and to start to formulate a local action plan. We agreed on a snappy name – KICC – and some immediate tasks to […]

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“Dancing on Ice” – in Kenilworth!

by John Whitehouse on 28 January, 2008

It was great to see the “Bold on Ice” skating rink in Abbey End, Kenilworth over the weekend. Local children (and some brave parents) seemed to be having a great time on it, plus the nearby trampolines. Well done to the organisers for having the courage to try something new like this. It reminded me […]

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Warwick Area Committee

by John Whitehouse on 23 January, 2008

The Warwick Area Committee is made up of all the county councillors whose electoral divisions fall within Warwick district, and its role is to give a more local focus to¬†certain aspects of county council decision-making – including local transport issues, maintenance and safety engineering. Last night’s meeting was very long (nearly 4 hours), preceded by […]

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Kenilworth and Climate Change

by John Whitehouse on 22 January, 2008

Last night I was at a very well-attended public meeting called by the town mayor, fellow Liberal Democrat Cllr. Pat Ryan, on the subject of Climate Change and what we as a local community could do to address it. The main speaker was George Martin, a local resident, but also an expert on sustainable development […]

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Kenilworth Town Centre Partnership

by John Whitehouse on 18 January, 2008

Yesterday evening I attended a meeting of the Kenilworth Town Centre Partnership, which I have been a member of since its inception in 2006. The Partnership brings together local business and community representatives together with elected county/district/town councillors , and provides a co-ordinated approach to the development and improvement of Kenilworth as a place to […]

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Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhoods Panel

by John Whitehouse on 16 January, 2008

I met with other members of the Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhoods Panel last night, to discuss the public feedback and response we had received at a well-attended public meeting in November and to agree our top three priorities for the coming year. Although experience elsewhere has been mixed, overall I feel the Safer Neighbourhoods idea is […]

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