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Gas Alliance Works in Kenilworth

by John Whitehouse on 11 March, 2009

This morning I met a Gas Alliance representative together with other local councillors, business leaders, council officers and local police, to discuss the current major programme of gas mains replacement across Kenilworth. The programme has not met its original timetable due to a number of unforeseen problems. What we discussed in outline was the completion […]

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Kenilworth Station – Progress Report

by John Whitehouse on 22 December, 2008

The latest report from the County Council shows that the Kenilworth Station project is making some good progress. The first key task is to decide the “Joint Promoter and Funder” – i.e. the private sector company that the Council will work with to bring this project to a successful conclusion. The tender documents were completed […]

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County Council Budget 2009/10

by John Whitehouse on 18 December, 2008

Today at the County Council we scrutinised the senior officers’ and Conservative Cabinet’s budget proposals for 2009/10. This is just one more stage in an ongoing process that will culminate in the setting of a budget next February. Because Warwickshire is a “hung” council with no overall control for any one political party, final agreement […]

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Albion Street Post Office Closure Confirmed

by John Whitehouse on 27 August, 2008

The Post office announced its decision today to confirm the closure of the Albion Street, Kenilworth Post Office.   It’s a very sad day for the local community in the Albion Street area, who had demonstrated clearly its support for the current branch through survey responses, petitions, letters to the Post Office and Postwatch and attendance […]

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Albion Street Post Office Closure Threat

by John Whitehouse on 25 June, 2008

Yesterday the Post Office announced its list of 51 branches it proposes to close acorss Birmingham, Coventry and Warwickshire. Good news locally is that the High Street Kenilworth branch is not on the list, despite being earmarked earlier on a leaked map that was rapidly withdrawn and denied by the Post Office. A massive campaign […]

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Care & Choice Accommodation for Older People

by John Whitehouse on 16 May, 2008

Caring for older people is one of the top priorities for local councils, as the demographic changes (increasing average age of population, increasing percentages of older people with dementia etc) put massive demands on resources and current facilities. I attended a seminar on this subject yesterday, which set out the County Council’s strategy which is due […]

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Local Involvement Networks (LINks)

by John Whitehouse on 16 May, 2008

Yesterday I went to a seminar to hear about the Warwickshire LINk, which is just being set up. LINks are independent of Councils and the Health Service, and are intended to provide a strong voice for local people in the planning, design and commissioning of Health and Social Care services. The technology and facilities being […]

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Smalley Place, Kenilworth

by John Whitehouse on 10 May, 2008

  The local press ran a lead story a week ago quoting Cllr. Norman Vincett, the leader of the Conservative-controlled town council, saying that plans for a  “showpiece” civic centre at Smalley Place in Kenilworth were in trouble. This was confirmed at the Town Assembly on Thursday evening, when Cllr. Vincett admitted that current plans were […]

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Green Bins Spotted in Burton Green!

by John Whitehouse on 12 February, 2008

Spotted in Burton Green during my ‘Focus’ delivery round today – lots of brand new green bins being delivered to householders ahead of the new recycling service which commences in April. This helps to address a long standing grievance of Burton Green residents, that they were left out when the original green bin scheme was […]

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“Extended Services”

by John Whitehouse on 30 January, 2008

I attended an Extended Services conference in Warwick today. Extended Services is what used to be called Extended Schools, and is all about providing a range of services to children, young people and familes that “wrap around” the normal school day – using both school and other community facilities. Schools have been grouped in “clusters” […]

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