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Congratulations to St John’s School, Kenilworth!

by John Whitehouse on 7 March, 2014

As a governor of St John’s Primary School, Kenilworth for over ten years, I’m absolutely delighted with the school’s latest Ofsted report which has been published today: As most people know, the latest Ofsted inspection framework for schools has “set the bar” even higher than before, and there have been a number of high-profile […]

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The great majority of people in Kenilworth, when asked, are totally against the whole idea of HS2. They think it’s not needed, will be a huge waste of taxpayers’ money, and will do nothing for people in this area. However, unless you live on the Eastern side of Kenilworth, many residents may feel that it […]

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My latest posting on Lib Dem Voice: HS2 is NOT Lib Dem policy!

by John Whitehouse on 9 September, 2013

  The Lib Dem transport strategy “Building a Fast Track Britain” agreed in 2008 is an excellent document which is well worth re-reading. Lib Dem proponents of HS2 constantly refer back to this strategy when declaring their support for the project.   But High Speed Rail (HSR) does not necessarily mean HS2. On the day […]

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Introduction This response to the HS2 Draft Environmental Statement is made in a personal capacity. I do not require the response to be treated as confidential. I have been consulted on, and support fully, the comprehensive response issued by Warwickshire County Council. As the elected member for the Kenilworth Abbey division of Warwickshire County Council, […]

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by John Whitehouse on 5 May, 2013

My grateful thanks to the 1,120 Kenilworth Abbey voters who supported me in the County Council election on Thursday, enabling me to be re-elected as their county councillor for another four years with a greatly increased majority. The results in full were:- I feel immensely honoured to have received such strong support from so many voters across […]

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I was one of four candidates for Kenilworth Abbey Division interviewed on BBC CWR today. The fifth candidate, the Green, was absent. The interviews took place in Burton Green, at exactly the place where the planned HS2 route will bisect the village if it ever goes ahead. As the county councillor for the last eight years, […]

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My re-election campaign gets going!

by John Whitehouse on 25 March, 2013

With the Notice of Election published last Friday, and the launch of the Lib Dem manifesto over the weekend, the race for  the County Council elections has well and truly started. I’m standing for re-election in Kenilworth Abbey, having served as county councillor for the last eight years. While I feel I’ve achieved a lot […]

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Street lights switch off – confusion reigns!

by John Whitehouse on 28 December, 2012

Having ignored the Lib Dems’ sensible advice to delay the start of the new street lights switch off regime until a less sensitive time of the year, WCC Tories are in disarray as they try to respond to events and public pressure. Policy changes are being made “on the hoof”, and press announcements being put […]

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WCC Trading Standards Alert for Kenilworth

by John Whitehouse on 16 November, 2011

I’ve received the following alert from Trading Standards. While it’s unclear what the motives of the bogus official actually are, one can asssume they’re not honourable! Please take care answering the door therefore. 15/11/2011 Council Officer Warning Kenilworth Warwickshire Trading Standards Service is warning Kenilworth residents about a man who is reported to have been […]

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So what does Vince Cable make of HS2?

by John Whitehouse on 7 September, 2011

Quote from Vince Cable’s autobiography (p.140):- “This particular experience developed in me a strong hostility to big national prestige projects – like the new Wembley and the Olympics – which, via the Lottery, suck money out of local community projects ….” SO WHAT DOES HE MAKE OF HS2? It would be very interesting to find […]

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